Stay strong troopers

May 8, 2011

A nice little story for us all.

A couple days ago, I was in a mess. I had a couple papers that were not finished and hitting close to the deadline. I also had to clean up my dorm room, which looked like the result of several rabid gorillas having a bachelor’s party and then magically disappearing. On top of that, there were multiple internships and applications that had just turned me down. I remember just lying on my bed and trying to take in all the chaos. It seemed like time, which is suppose to prevent everything from happening at once, was slowly loosening up its knot on me. Then, as if the situation was not bad enough, the fire alarm went off. Everyone was evacuated to safety. After a couple minutes of confusion, we were allowed back to our dorms.

So what happened? Apparently, some precious soul left their book in an oven in their dorm.
A book and an oven? I’m not even going to go there.

See, we have all had those really bad days. Nothing seems to work. It feels as if the entire universe is pushing against our every step. You might have woken up late for school, walked into a door during work, or realized that your parents have been celebrating your birthday on the wrong day for the last 20 years. Things happen, and life does occasionally throw those nasty lemons at you. So what can you do? You can certainly sit there and obediently receive those lemons as they smash into your face. Or you can take those lemons, lift up your head, and create some amazing lemonades. See the obstacles that you face as powerful augmentations that will make you a better person. Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger.

Realize that millions of people are living lives much more catastrophic than say, accidentally spilling wine on your newly purchased dress. At least you have the privilege of owning a dress. Chances are if you own a computer and have the convenience of reading a blog, you are probably in the world’s top 1 or 2 percentage of wealth.

So the next time you experience the bad, remember that every day is a new day, and simply tell yourself:

“At least I didn’t leave a book in an oven”.


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