Language Barrier

May 11, 2011

John:TextMsg: Hey Kiaro! This is John. How have you been? It has been a while since we last talked about that business proposal, and I was wondering if you had some time on Saturday to go over the specifics? I’ve been looking into a couple restaurants that seem really wonderful, so I was hoping to get some input from you on where we should go. There’s Jim’s Bar and Hotpot, which is apparently the place to go if you really love seafood. I also found another lovely place called Cheng’s Garden, which is suppose to have the best chinese food in town. Of course, there’s always Big Burrito, which I’m not too fond of because I don’t really like mexican food. If you want to go however, then I will certainly not object!
So out of these three places, which one would work for you on a Saturday at around 1PM? I look forward to hearing your opinions!

Kiaro:TextMsg: yes


3 Responses to “Language Barrier”

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster Says:

    As I shut down my computer at the end of the work day, you can rest assured I’m giggling . . . not at the headaches exchanges like this inspire from the inside, but how very fun they are from the outside! 🙂

    • robotcookies Says:

      The strangest phenomenon of humans. Why do we laugh when we see others trip and fall? 😛
      And to go on, I generally dislike people who respond with one word text messages 🙂

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