20 random ways to deal with stress

May 12, 2011

Stress is suppose to be part of our primal defensive mechanism. When we were attacked by predators, our bodies would pump stress hormones throughout our systems in order to wake us up. Adrenaline would cause your heart to surge and pump more blood, your lungs would also work in overtime to take in more oxygen to support this new level of awareness.

It is healthy to have short little bursts of stress, and it’s vital for keeping our bodies healthy. The funny thing is that in today’s hectic lifestyles, we no longer have the option of turning off this constant stress releasing. What use to be a healthy way of alerting your body has turned into a silent assassin. We are pressured by school, work, relationships, jobs, and other lemons that life throws at us. When we receive constant stress throughout the day, it not only affects our abilities to sleep, but it can also affect our motor skills, our memory capabilities, and the health of our brains and hearts.

Stress is not this “abstract” concept that just involves the feeling of annoyance, helplessness, and dread. Stress is a very real chemical reaction in your body that releases hormones which in the long run can cause significant damage to your body. Therefore, it is very important that we find ways of dealing with stress, so that we may enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Here are some random ways that you can deal with stress.

1. Get lost in a good book.

2. Meditate under a tree.

3. Do a 10 minute movement improvisation with your eyes closed.

4. Make smiley faces at every one you see

5. Listen to music by Philip Glass

6. Watch those outrageous Japanese reality TV shows

7. Discover a new movie in your favorite genre.

8. Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, then start making weird faces.

9. Try to say “I’m thankful for…..” as many times as you can throughout the day in your head or out loud.

10. Go look at some Lolcat pictures.

11. Go to lamebook.com

12. Go to fmylife.com

13. Look at yourself in the mirror, and give yourself a pep talk, Yoda style.

14. After every task you accomplish, do a couple fist pumps in the air and jump around for 2 minutes.

15. Give your shoulders nice little squeezes, do the same for your feet and legs.

16. Lie on the ground and break out in laughter.

17. Treat yourself to some ice cream.

18. Tell yourself that the road bumps you face are actually good hints that you are on the right path.

19. Sing as loud as you can and with all the emotions you were keeping back, if you start crying, cry like you’ve never cried before. Then, start singing again.

20. Give compliments to everyone you meet. As you shine, you give others the power to shine as well.


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