Summer time

May 13, 2011

My year as a college freshman has just gone. The dorm room looks pretty empty now, just piles of boxes here and there waiting to be shipped away for storage. I’m flying back to China on Sunday, and it’s definitely going to feel weird walking around on the streets of Beijing after spending such a long time in New York. To Times square, Broadway Dance Center, Joyce Theator, MOMA, and all the other awesome places, I will miss you dearly and hope to see you again in the future.

Summer is a time to either become focused and productive, or become a couch potato and waste another couple months doing absolutely nothing. I have found several dance companies to take classes with, and hopefully by the end of this vacation my body will have grown both physically, technically, and intellectually. I’ve also discovered a club in Beijing that meets every Sunday to engage in some intense parkour training. Parkour is the art of free running, and seems to be the perfect candidate to supplement my dance practices.

Of course, summer also means more time for my blog. I will have more interesting things to write about because there won’t be the constant nagging of assignments and essays parading about in my mind. I might go scout out random restaurants and take pictures of hilarious translation in menus and signs, etc. There will be a lot of topics to write about in Beijing.

All in all, I have my goals set. I have written them down in a journal and will be constantly keeping myself in check. This summer is a time of transformation as I strive to become a better dancer and individual. I encourage you all to write down the goals you want to achieve for the summer. Physically writing down achievements that you would like to accomplish will put your brain in a state of increased awareness. It is much more effective than just thinking about your goals.

I hope you all had a wonderful year, and I am sure that everybody will have a very fruitful summer filled with adventures, hardships, and surprises.


2 Responses to “Summer time”

  1. Emma Says:

    ! This is exciting – I’m excited to follow your adventuring.

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