Introspective on a fasted Thanksgiving

November 29, 2013

This Thanksgiving, I did not participate in a wondrous feast that causes a satisfying yet debilitating food coma.

Instead, I chose to stare at a simple glass of water.  It was time for an in-depth introspection of who and what I should be thanking.


Well, for starters, I can thank the fact that I have access to a glass cup and uncontaminated drinking water.

As the chilling winds settle against my wooden college dormitory, I thank these old, creaking walls for their ability to shield me from turning into a human popsicle.

Turning to a broken keyboard infested laptop, I thank the access given through this amazing piece of technology that allows me to surf a virtual world known as the internet.  I thank my slow and painful web connection for giving me the opportunity to Skype with loved ones from across the globe.  Oh yeah, I thank Skype for existing.

Looking around my dorm, I see piles of books and projects conspiring to create legions of mind bombs, readying for assault when least expected.  I see bottles of wine and protein shakes side by side, as if relevance no longer existed in the world.

I am thankful to be buried by books and projects.  Thankful to see a bottle of wine dancing next to a hunk of protein shake.  I am thankful to be at college, facing the pressures of real life while balancing work and study.

Reflecting on previous endeavors, I am thankful to have gone to so many countries.  I still remember Poland, having the finest vodka accompanied with a slice of bread and cooked lard.  I remember Israel, the mystical Jerusalem and modern Tel Aviv. I remember the wonderful experiences with professional dance companies and creators of beautiful artistic expressions.


Of course, who could forget London, with its distinguished pebble stone sidewalks and crimson red phone booths, or Beijing – my family’s home town.  Who could forget the delicious Peking Duck, unrivaled in taste and crunchiness.  I am thankful for all of these colorful experiences, the unbelievable privileges and opportunities bestowed upon me.  I am humbled.

However, I am going to take an even bigger step backwards.  I have always been jealous of astronauts.  They get to see a bigger part of the picture.  They get to see the world as a whole.  A beautiful spinning orb containing an unimaginable number of dynamic life.  Many come back and say that the world’s numerous social quarrels between countries become petty at such a distance.  At such a distance, we realize that this ball of molten mass is all we have.  So, on this Thanksgiving day, I am thankful for Earth, and all the natural processes of the universe that balanced out the equation of life. 

I give thanks to the aliens who may have decided to turn their anti particle shifting cannons away from planet Earth, and I give thanks to the other aliens who might have saved us from an imminent invasion of crab people.  I give thanks to an unstable and unpredictable universe that could potentially decide to end everything randomly and abruptly.

Finally, I am thankful for having a chance to experience the body of a human being, to live in a society filled with interesting nuances,  and for the ability to give thanks.

May we all live long and prosper.

P.S If we ever achieve intergalactic travel, we should remember well to bring a towel.


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